Like a desire to eat with you !

Babbo mio, in the name of their father

In the Cannatella Family, I ask … everyone! Already firmly established on the pedestrian zone and around the Cours Saleya, the group hit it hard in 2017 with the conquest of the beach. The le galet has become a reference beach and the Promenade des Anglais has won an additional culinary actor on its sandbars..

A year later, the bet proves itself successful: families have found a beach in the city center to enjoy, the group is experimenting new events mixing cocktails, music and the Mediterranean … But like the cooking, the adventure flows into the veins of the Cannatellas and the desire for  something new soon returns to tickle the entrepreneurial souls of Serge and Philippe. In the streets of the old Port, an unexpected project is emerging.

The Port of Nice: a neighborhood full of life to conquer

A night like any other in Nice. The night has ended, the streets of Cours Saleya are deserted. Is it the need for fresh air or a colonial intuition that pushed Philippe to take his scooter that night? Be that as it may, he rolls along the quasi-sleepy city … But a section of the living diehards still resist the sandman. A small piece of the city with elegant pavement slabs filled with trendy bars and local shops. In the cool and booming night of the harbor district, a seed is planted in Philippe’s mind with a firm idea: the Cannatellas will open a new restaurant in the heart of the “Little Marais Nicois”.

At the beginning of summer 2018, a new sign appears in Place du Pin, the Babbo mio. “My dad” in the Italian language, in honor of Gino Cannatella, a pioneer of the family history and a great explorer of taste and pleasures of dining tables around the world. This restaurant is the scene of a new proposal: a place of life and meetings, flavors and drinks at the heart of the local movement.

The locals of the neighborhood, the businesses that energize it and the young crowd who go  there will find “Babbo” is a place to nestle.

Private restaurant seeks special clients

Farewell to the schedules of a traditional restaurant. The establishment innovates itself by creating other moments than lunch and dinner service. A coffee on the terrace in the morning, sitting on the Place du Pin? A lemonade to escape the pangs of the sun in the afternoon? Or an aperitif on one of the leather banquettes in this new genre salon?

The warm and cozy atmosphere – between a British Gentlemen’s club and a salon decorated by the friends of Gatsby the Magnificent – is signed by Aude Gros-Rosanvallon, who gives the lounge ambiance and the refreshing atmosphere of le galet. So forget the time and let yourself be carried by the different times of the day.

Traditional and healthy Italian cuisine

And the cuisine in all of this? It goes without saying that the Cannatellas love to renew themselves. Their new gustatory playground has been designed on the edge of healthy and traditional Italian recipes. The Babbo mio wants to combine current culinary trends with paternal heritage. The Caesar pizza or the focaccia to share make their entry on the menu: simple pleasures, “Italian”, which cohabitate with a Thai salad, Poke Bowl and original cocktails created on the beach of the group.

The Second in command at le galet, the chef Fabio Giovannini becomes the masterpiece of this original menu which wants to rejuvenate and modernize the trattoria. In a new neighborhood, new lifestyle? Like its diamond logo, the Babbo mio will not stop until it shines Italian cuisine higher than the azure sun and capsize the hearts of the locals of the Port of Nice.