A neighborhood italian restaurant
between Garibaldi and the Port of Nice

Times are good when you eat well

Discover the Babbo mio

The “Babbo mio”?

Babbo Mio, “my dad”. The name of this restaurant pays tribute to Gino Cannatella, who opened the Boccaccio in 1973 … He thus initiated this culinary and family saga that has its roots in Nice, for fifty years now. The Babbo mio offers a modern and up-to-date Italian trattoria, but do not forget its origins!

How to find us?

Nestled between the Place Garibaldi and the Port, our Italian restaurant proudly sits on Place du Pin! The most popular part of this chic area…

Between local shops and trendy bars, the Babbo mio is a signature in the heart of this small cosmopolitan piece of the city. A neighborhood in celebration where we invite you to (re) discover!

How is it inside?

Our terrace is one of the largest and most welcoming of the Place du Pin in Nice. Inside, the three rooms offer a warm and cozy atmosphere where the leather chairs compete with the luxurious benches with anthracite gray cushions. An intimate atmosphere reminiscent of salons and other Gentlemen’s clubs dear to the English. At the back of the restaurant, a black and white portrait: where today, still, Gino’s smile watches over the well-being of the guests…

A menu to devour

The queen of aromatics? A green, red or purple herb to use in all dishes? The mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine… and Indian ?! They are crazy these Italians…

Babbo mio presents...

Our fetish products

Main plate: Babbo mio spaghetti

The plate proudly displays the colors of Italy. A burrata base, creamy and generous, gives the white. Candied cherry tomatoes deliver an intense red with a sweet smell. A basil leaf crowns the dish and presents a bright and intoxicating green. A canvas that makes you salivate …

#PastaLover #ColorYourPlate #BabboMio #HereWeGoAgain

For dessert: Strawberry-Raspberry tart with pistachio

Strawberry or Raspberry? The dilemma is eternal … No need to choose this dessert! Two rows of berries on a biscuit covered with pistachio makeup this little berry delight. Whipped cream for gourmands and a sweet daisy for romantics … A country dessert, to put on all the spoons!

#TeamStrawberry #TeamRaspberry # Reunification #LoveDesBois #RedPassion

Leftovers ? Take one of our small plates home by asking for a takeaway !

Le galet magazine

The le galet magazine brings together everything we love. Recipes, articles, interviews, chronicles … We give the voice to the Nicoise people and lovers of the Riviera. The magazine is completely free, oh yes! A concentration of pleasures and flavors from here and elsewhere, which you will find in all our establishments. Like our kitchen, the quantities are generous and the quality is always present. So … treat yourself!

“Cécile Na, the queen of the azure blog”, “Nice is Love, the declaration of love”, “Twelve February, the digital phoenix”… From Facebook to Instagram, discover from an unexpected angle the local stars of social media. Our third issue (Summer 2018) is dedicated to digital and to all of the local players on the Riviera. 136 pages to discover a connected Riviera full of surprises.

Events le Babbo mio

Become the owner for a night, what do you say? Companies, associations, families and groups … For a business lunch or a festive dinner, the Cannatella group puts its establishment at your disposal. Welcome your events and do not forbid any appetite. We give you the keys of the house and accompany you at every step of the organization.

Want to book a neighborhood restaurant with a proven charm? Make the Port the bastion for an evening that suits you? For all your requests, contact Laura, the privileged coordinator of your private events.

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